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Beulah Hager

Beulah Hager

Coming of age during the Great Depression and WWII, Beulah Hager had no hope of attending Bob Jones University. The Lord, having a plan for her life, provided for Beulah's first year's college expenses through a distant cousin who had heard of Bob Jones College and believed it was God's special place for training young people for His service. Her remaining years of college were provided for by a new venture of her father's - turkey farming. The venture proved so successful it enabled both Beulah and her sister, Marilyn, to finish their college years free of any debt. After their graduation, because of too much competition the "Hager Family Turkey Venture" ended.

"During the opening meeting of the second semester of my junior year, I surrendered my life to the Lord to be a missionary-to go wherever He wanted to send me. Mission Prayer Band was a vital part of my campus life. God used it to broaden my vision of worldwide missions. Because of that new burden, in less than two years after graduation I was in the Dominican Republic beginning my first term of missionary work."

After serving for so many years in the Dominican Republic, the decision to become a part of the Heritage Society through an annuity benefiting the Hispanic Assistance Fund was a natural outpouring of Beulah's heart.